Lyda Writes…

August 14, 2008 at 4:38 am (Randomness) ()

Hullo. Welcome to my blog that is as of now… pathetically empty. That will however change as soon as I can get my lazy, procrastinating butt in gear.

During the day, I am a young wife and mother of an exuberant little baby boy, who even with dribble on his chin, looks handsome in my eyes. I am a complete Suzie-homemaker with an apron and everything. Would you like a cookie??? I also have Mother Teresa topped. My monster- ahhh I mean father-in-law lives with us and I haven’t killed anyone yet. I am also attending classes to get that nice little piece of paper with a shiny foil sticker on it called “a degree” that magically makes you more attractive to employers world wide.

During the night, I am book reviewer extraordinaire! Actually I am simply an avid reader of books who will share her honest opinion on books whether they are the most fantastic read you’ll be crappin’ out gold or the more horrendous story ever imaginable that you just lost a few hours of your life that you’ll never get back no matter how much you try to fight and sue for it. Either way my reviews and many others can be read here at Bitten by Books.

And this is my blogoverse.

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