Free E-Book Download of Tess Gerritsen’s The Surgeon

September 12, 2008 at 7:45 pm (Announcement, Book News, Freebies) (, )

***Please Note That This Offer Has Expired***

Do you have an Amazon Kindle? Or Sony E-Reader?

If you said no, then sorry this isn’t the post for you. Go away. Er- ummm… wait. Scratch that last bit! Don’t go away. Check out my other posts instead! Yes. Go do THAT.

If you said YES! Well then it’s your freakin’ lucky day folks.

Because for 2 weeks only, September 11-September 25, 2008, you can download a free copy of Tess Gerritsen’s book The Surgeon for the Kindle or the Sony E-Reader.  

For more details you can check out her post at Tess Gerritsen’s Blog.

For direct links to the downloads, well here they are:

For Kindle owners click here: The Surgeon.

For Sony E-Reader owners click here: The Surgeon.

Soooo get your clicky clicky on. It’s free and everyone LOVES free, especially me.


with the Pen, Lyda



  1. Bill Birchall said,

    Any idea why they do not allow this download for owners of the Sony E Reader in the UK? The state our economy is in, we need all the handouts we can get!

  2. Lyda said,

    I have no clue about that Bill.

    I did however ask around hoping maybe to get an answer for you. We’ll see what they all say or if they even have something to say at all.

  3. Lyda said,

    Ok Bill, I asked around and asked around and nada. I’m really sorry about that.

  4. REMINDER! If You Haven’t Done It So Far, Now’s Your Chance! « Lyda’s Poison Pen said,

    […] the LAST day to be able to download Tess Gerritsen’s book The Surgeon. So clicky clicky here, Free E-Book Download of Tess Gerritsen’s The Surgeon to get your free copy […]

  5. citramon said,

    having troubles with downloading it from Kazakhstan 😦

  6. Lyda said,

    Oh I’m so sorry citramon. But if you tried to download it AFTER September 25 then you are unfortunately too late. Tess Gerritsen only had it available for a two week period. Maybe if you check back there might be another book you’re interested in that would be free.

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