True Blood Episode 4 Preview

September 28, 2008 at 12:46 am (Randomness, TV Show) ()

Sooooo it’s Saturday night. What does that mean? It means… that tomorrow is a new episode of True Blood!

It is a total TEASE, like most previews are. None the less, here you all go:

True Blood Episode 4 Promo “Escape from Dragon House.”

So click away people. Go ahead and get teased.


 with The Pen, Lyda



  1. Sam said,

    I watching true blood on
    All series of excellent quality. Two weeks fast downloads for all, even who not primium user
    I am very pleased! Highly recommended!

  2. Lyda said,

    Ok… soooooooooooo fellow readers… just an FYI.

    I have no clue if the link in the comment below me is good or not. It says I need to download something and I don’t like doing that on sites I’m not familiar with.

    If Sam comments back I’ll prolly feel better. Or if someone is daring enough to check it out, ORRRRR if someone already knows and can vouch… then sure. I’ll be a promo ho and recommend it.

    If it’s a bad link, sorry Sam but you’ll be spamed.

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