Manga Version of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight??? Look At Them Pickie-a-tures

September 30, 2008 at 10:25 pm (Book News, Randomness) (, , )

Actually it’s really not manga. It’s the book. But unlike all the other translations of the Twilight Series, the Japanese version has manga-like pictures.

And I want ’em.

Don’t you too?

So some good samaritan out there, please tell me how on earth to get them. Amazon Japan is sooo not helpful.

What with it all being in Japanese and even with the language filter it still doesn’t change the descriptions. Plus do you think they’ll ship to the states?

Cuz seeing as I was and still am an avid Manga/Anime fan, I still want the Japanese versions because well, the pictures are really just a nice touch.

Who really cares if I don’t know how to read in Japanese??? There are pictures tell the story pretty freakin’ well.

The top right picture is the cover of the first book of Twilight. Twilight was divied up in 3 sections and that’s one of them.

The picture to the top left is of Bella being dazzled by Edward.

The picture on the right has the Jacob in the picture.

The picture below is the second part of the Twilight book.

Soooooo, c’mon. Be honest.

Who else wants them too???

You know you do!

So my question for Stephenie Meyer is this:

“Why on earth couldn’t the English translation have these purty pictures too?”

::Sigh:: I need to add a Note to Self: Go learn some Japanese.



   with The Pen, Lyda

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