About Lyda and Her Pen: AKA ME and MY Pen.

I am woman! Hear me puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Mee-yow!

I am a stay at home wife/mom. And my parents (proudly?) say I was born stubborn as a freakin’ rock.

I am a fanatical book reader and therefore during the day I am proud Suzie-homemaker while at night I am book reviewer! Feel the wrath and judgement of my pen. To take a gander at my reviews go here Lyda’s Reviews over at Bitten by Books. The place is great. Trust me. ::As she takes out her hynoptic glasses:: It is the shizdizzle. Yo. You are now a fan! Good. ::Hypnotic glasses are put away::

As to my Pen, I tend to have a sarcastic nature and would prefer to call things like it is. Gold is gold and crap is crap. And only ONE comes outta your bum. Buttttttttttttttt -my boss likes me to behave professionally. So I do. Sorta. Kinda. Maybe. ::Looks around to see if that whip is around::

I live back in “Leave it to Beaver” Town, USA. And seriously, it is VERY “Leave it to Beaver” and the place to be is the local Wally World. Therefore the internet has become my lifeline and books have become my vacation.  My husband understands me and thankfully is also a bookworm himself. He indulges in my love for books, music, movies, sleep and food that many a paycheck has been devoted to my loves. See what a nice husband I have?

As to my son whom I lovingly refer to as my little wolfcub, who also has the appetite of a hippo but a metabolism that’s out of this world. Darn him, in the fact that he got my father’s uber fast metabolism and can literally eat a horse and not see any weight gain. Oh wait, I got it too! My husband gets jealous watching us eat and eat and eat while literally, he has the metabolism of a caterpillar. Eat one leaf and he gains like 5 pounds. Neener, neener, neener!

Well that is me. Nut in a nutshell.

I don’t just have a pen. I have The Pen. So really. Don’t make me take the Pen out on you!


 with Love & Kisses,



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  1. knowledgetoday said,

    I love your site. Keep it up !

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