Bitten By Books Review Teaser: Witch Fury

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Witch Fury by Anya Bast

5 Tombstones

“So her mother wasn’t as crazy as everyone originally thought when she said she had fire inside of her and was a witch. Maybe she knew exactly what she was talking about because Sarafina Connell is a fire witch and a rather powerful one, too. She just didn’t know about it until she was kidnapped by Stefan Faucheux, head of the Duskoff, the cabal of warlocks who want nothing more than world domination. What do they want with her? Just a little bit of blood, her utter devotion and the use of her untapped abilities. Worse, he seems to have some control over demons known as the Atrika, and one of those demons seems to have his eye on her. For what? She doesn’t know and for once thinks ignorance might really be bliss…”

Read the Full Review Here: Witch Fury over at Bitten by Books.


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Free Stories By And From Anya Bast

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Yes, best selling author Anya Bast has two free stories to share for me and you!

And yes, you heard me correctly. THE. Anya Bast. And two free stories!

So clicky, clicky already. *^_^*

Free Stories by Anya Bast


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