Bitten By Books Review Teaser: Outcast

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Outcast by Cheryl Brooks

4.5 Tombstones

“If Lynxsander Dackelov (Lynx for short), does not see another woman in his life, he will be content. They are such selfish creatures who have used and abused him to the point that even the scent of desire has no effect on his manhood whatsoever. None. And for a Zetithian, a race where the men are known to give pleasure beyond all others after smelling a woman‘s desire, Lynx feels like he isn’t even a whole man. Now he finds himself on Terra Minor and forced to work for a woman lest he gets himself deported. And while this Bonnie may “seem” like a decent person, he’s known enough women in his young life to know that women are never just “nice”…”

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