Free Stories By And From Anya Bast

May 18, 2009 at 4:47 am (Announcement, Book News, Freebies) (, , , , , )

Yes, best selling author Anya Bast has two free stories to share for me and you!

And yes, you heard me correctly. THE. Anya Bast. And two free stories!

So clicky, clicky already. *^_^*

Free Stories by Anya Bast


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Bitten By Books Review Teaser: Zombie Jack

May 18, 2009 at 4:26 am (Book News, My Reviews) (, , , )


Zombie Jack by Samantha Winston

4 Tombstones

“Remember the movie “My Boyfriend’s Back” where this guy is hopelessly in love with a girl, dies, and then comes back to life as a zombie still hoping to win her over? Yeah, it wasn’t that great or that memorable of a movie honestly…BUT Zombie Jack is not only another kettle of fish, with a different tale altogether, Zombie Jack’s story is actually quite good and much more memorable. Then what is with the reference to the B movie made in the early ’90s? Well, because Jack is back and someone is so gonna get in trouble…”

Read the Full Review Here: Zombie Jack over at Bitten by Books.


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Bitten By Books Review Teaser: Eternally His

May 18, 2009 at 4:18 am (Book News, My Reviews) (, , , )


Eternally His by Carol North

4.5 Tombstones

“Grant Stewart is a detective who knows to trust his gut. Right now, his gut is telling him something strange is going on at Belle Brides Bridal Boutique. His instincts also tell him that the owner/manager, Erica Peterson, is hiding something and he wants to know what it is. False alarm going off? Maybe. But looking into Erica’s pretty eyes, he can tell something is bothering her and it isn’t the heavy work load…”

To Read the Full Review Click Here: Eternally His over at Bitten by Books.


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Bitten By Books Review Teaser: The Enchanted Faerie

May 17, 2009 at 7:00 pm (Book News, My Reviews) (, , , )


The Enchanted Faerie by Holly Greenfield, Judy Bagshaw, E.J. McKenna, Zara Penney, Heidi Kneale & Lea Schizas

3 Tombstones

The Enchanted Faerie has the magic to help you find your true love – but it comes at a high cost and possible consequences. These are the stories of six women brave enough to pay the price and face what may come to get their hearts’ desires…”

To Read the Full Review Click Here: The Enchanted Faerie over at Bitten by Books.


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Bitten By Books Review Teaser: The Trouble With Destiny

March 27, 2009 at 12:59 am (Book News, My Reviews) (, , )


The Trouble With Destiny by J.K. Coi

4 Tombstones

“The trouble with destiny is that it always brings trouble. Seriously. No joke. Always. Sarah just wanted to be a simple, quiet, boring accountant. She happens to be great with numbers. It would have worked – no harm, no foul – and life would have been good. But of course, Destiny had to rear its ugly head and not only change Sarah’s plans for a calm and peaceful life, Destiny had to come in and turn her life completely upside down…”

To Read the Full Review Click Here: The Trouble With Destiny over at Bitten by Books.


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Free E-Book: The Amazon’s Curse by Gena Showalter

March 5, 2009 at 1:25 am (Announcement, Book News, Freebies) (, , )

Want a free e-Book? Of course you do. I mean it’s free.

Well, for the time being The Amazon’s Curse written by Gena Showalter is free on e-Harlequin.

So without further ado, here’s the link! Amazon’s Curse

Clicky, clicky already. You’ve got nothing to lose.


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Harlequin Celebrates & Gives Out Free Full e-Books

February 27, 2009 at 6:46 pm (Announcement, Book News, Freebies) (, , )

Ok so for some of you book fanatics, you may already know about this. It’s not exactly new or anything. And as we all know I have already been remiss in my bloggy duties.

BUT! -It’s still going.

AND! -Some people DON’T know. Sooooooooooooooooo, caring is sharing and we all know I care.

So I digress, due to Harlequin’s 60th Anniversary, they are giving away 16 FREE full books in pdf format.

Download one or download all. Free is free. Take advantage of it!

To get your free books go here at Harlequin Celebrates. Get it while they giving is good. Who know’s how long it’ll last.


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Bitten By Books Review Teaser: Witch’s Moon

February 26, 2009 at 2:56 pm (Book News, My Reviews) (, , )


Witch’s Moon by Tabitha Shay

4.5 Tombstones

“Koran T, Captain of the Royal Elite Palace Guards, the highest rank any military waken could achieve, has a job to do. He must find Princess Kali at the Wing Academy, get her out of Ru-Noc and into the blasted Illumrof realm where the humans live. Then, he must take her to a vampire prince’s castle and keep her safe – at all costs. Looks simple enough, but looks can be deceiving, and Koran had no doubt when King Darak personally asked him to watch over Kali, it would be the most difficult assignment he would ever have to face…”

Read the Full Review Here: Witch’s Moon over at Bitten by Books.


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FREE E-Books For The Kindle! Grab ‘Em While They Are Still FREE!

December 10, 2008 at 9:33 pm (Announcement, Book News, Freebies) (, , , , )

So, the Kindle Store at Amazon has a bunch of books for free. And since I care, I share. Therefore, here I am, sharing. Tis the season and all that jazz.

If you got a Kindle -great! If you don’t, sorry, sucks for YOU! No, really, if you don’t have a Kindle and can’t afford one, your turn will come. Just gotta wait for Kindle people right now.

Anyway, I digress. Here are the books, click on the ones you want, click on all of them, or just read this message for the heck of it lol.

So let me just remind you, these books DO NOT STAY FREE FOREVER.

Therefore, GRAB THEM WHILE THE GRABBIN’S GOOD. I don’t want to hear whiners who waited too late and then came to me and said, “How come it’s no longer free?” My answer will simply be, “How come you waited so long to get something FREE?!?”

Now for the books, clicky clicky away people. Clicky clicky away.

Free Range Chickens by Simon Rich

Night World Volume 1 by L.J. Smith which includes 3 books Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, and Spellbinder

Prague: A Novel by Arthur Phillips

Murder List by Julie Garwood

The Foreign Correspondent: A Novel by Alan Furst

Made to Stick (Introduction and Index): Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Dan Heath

The Whiskey Rebels: A Novel by David Liss

The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death by Laurie Notaro

A Dangerous Man: A Novel by Charlie Huston

Six Bad Things: A Novel by Charlie Huston

Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston

Love Me, Still by Maya Banks

So I repeat, get them while you can people. Get them while you can!


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Free E-book Story from Lora Leigh and Other Good Stuff

December 9, 2008 at 4:10 pm (Announcement, Book News, Freebies) (, , , , )

So fab-tastic author  Lora Legh has three books coming out SOON!

Only Pleasure to be released January 6, 2009, Coyote’s Mate to be released February 3, 2009 and Maverick coming out March 2009.

Wanna read some excerpts??? Of course you do.

Clicky clicky here: Lora Leigh’s Sensuous Escapes December Issue.

Now for that FREE read.

If you click away there, you will also be given a chance to click on another link provided by Lora Leigh to get a never-before-released (and did I mention FREE) short story called Night Hawk, an original Elite Ops story.

Want the direct link? Click here for Night Hawk. Click on the Maverick book cover and follow the instructions. You realy don’t want to miss out.


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