The Pen’s Goals for World Domination!

And with the Pen, I write our goals for World Domination! (…Or at least, my world, cuz the whole world? That’s just a lot of work and I am pretty lazy.)

1. Eliminate the color pink. Or at least limit its usage to a very, very, very small degree. I mean really. Who decided blue was for boys and pink was for girls?

Too much pink blinds me AND it is just wrong, even on a little girl. Hence, it is the color of that shall forever be known as the Barbie color. Pink freakin’ house, pink freakin room, pink sheets, pink t-shirt… Gawd, do I hate pink.

2. Kidnap some uber genius geeks and whip them into creating robots who can change a baby’s dirty diaper.

3. End Barney the purple dinosaur once and for ALL! Muahahahah! DEATH TO BARNEY!

4. Find a way to get HBO and Showtime for FREE! True Blood and Dexter for all mankind!

5. Build the world’s largest library where I am the only person who has the friggin’ keys.


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